Madaipara Hill Rock

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Madaipara Hill Rock

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Madaipara Hill Rock, on which two famous temples in North Malabar situates, is an area extending to 4 sq. k.m. There is no thick habitation on this plateau land, as the entire area is more or less barren and not cultivable except small portions here and there. The landscape is an attractive scene dock and the plateau, is beautifully flat so that the breeze blows over day-in and day-out in the area giving high pleasure to the physique and mind for all those who take visit to the place. The pure and fresh air carrying perfumes of herbs flowing from west through Ezhimala hillocks gives extreme degree of solace to the inhabitants residing in the valleys of this hill.

The plateau does another invaluable service also to the villagers by preserving rain waters inside its bowels during monsoon seasons and gives the potable waters to the low lying areas in hot summer through springs and well waters. This system is very effectively hinders percolation of saline waters logged in the canals and rives in all the four boundaries of Madai Panchayath to the nearby areas. Slops of the hill on all sides covered by thick vegetation render structural safety of the plateau land and contribute to the promotion of green and lush to the entire village. The hillock is a paradise for the over wintering of the migrating birds even from Siberian wilderness, owing to is befitting environments to the flora and fauna. This remains even now as a vast area for the cattle’s to freely graze when the cultivable lands and razing yards all over the state are fast disappearing. Any threats to the existence of the present condition of Madai Para will undoubtedly jeopardize the balance of ecology of the village.

Best to spend evening 4 to till sun set on this hill top. You can view Arabian sea, Ezhimala hills and vast low land area from the top of Madaipara.

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