Janardhana Temple Wayanad

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Janardhana Temple Wayanad

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Janardhana Temple Wayanad

By the side of the road through a coffee estate, near Panamaram, lie the ruins of an ancient temple. Most people believe it to be a Jain Temple, since there are other Jain shrines in the region. This, however, isn’t a Jain shrine, but a Hindu one. It is the Janardhana Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the one who cares for all living beings.

It is also one of the most ancient temples in Wayanad, dating back to the Vijayanagar Empire. Today, the temple is empty, and most of its pillars have fallen. A closer look reveals that most of the sculptures are intact. There are multiple depictions of the Dashavatar―the ten incarnations of Vishnu, as well as many of Lord Rama and Hanuman. The carving is intricate and detailed, and it is a sad sight to see the plight they are in. Even sadder is the fact that the temple isn’t recognised for what it is―a gem in the crown of Wayanad.

Additional information: The Janardhana Temple is located in a coffee estate near Panamaram, about 20 km from Kalpetta. This temple is right on the road from Kalpetta to Kuruva Island, so you can just make a short stop on the way.

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