Chembra Peak Wayanad

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Chembra Peak Wayanad

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Chembra Peak Wayanad

Chembra Peak Wayanad : Wayanad is known for its adventure activities, thanks to its terrain. You can hire a bicycle and take a ride along the well-maintained roads. Wayanad is the least populated among all the districts of Kerala, so if you love cycling, this is the place to be!

When it comes to trekking, there are options here. You can walk into the jungles or choose to climb mountains. The Chembra Peak is the most popular among trekkers. The route as well as the view is worth the effort! Rock climbing is one of the newer adventure sports gaining popularity here. While most of these activities are for adults and need some level of experience, there are other options for amateurs and children. Many resorts as well as adventure sports organizations provide opportunities for trying out adventure activities in the safe environs of the resorts. Most popular among them is zip lining, usually between two huge trees, across a stream!

Two rivers are the lifeline of Wayanad―Kabini and Vythiri. With the hilly terrain they flow over, they also offer excellent options for adventure, such as river rafting. Rafting over the rapids is only possible during the monsoons, when the river is in full flow. Then there are age and safety restrictions to be followed obviously due to the danger involved. During other seasons, however, you can enjoy rafting down the river at a steady and relaxed pace, enjoying the scene as well as the experience. These are the typical rafts used by the locals―bamboos strung together to form the raft and one long pole used as a punt. These rafts are managed by the local boys who are familiar with each and every curve in the river and it is the best way to explore this side of Wayanad. If you are truly adventurous, you can even jump into the water and swim alongside the raft!

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