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Kannur Tour Packages

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Kannur Tour Packages

About Kannur :  Kannur is considered  as the City of Looms and Lores, thanks to the flourishing handloom industry and folk art called Theyyam. It was once an ancient trading port.Theyyam is a ritualistic performances , where the artist dons the guise of God. Kannur is most renowned for the Theyyam performances in its temples. This magnificent art form plays an integral part in the culture of this Northern Kerala district. We provide exclusive Kannur tour packages to our clients.

Kannur Tour Packages : The following are the details of the best things you can do in Kannur. We have dedicated team to help you to plan your trip to Kannur.


Kannur is famous for Theyyam ritual performances. Theyyam, the ritualistic performances, which can be described as the most visible, spectacular art form of Malabar (Northern part of Kerala), associated with myths and legends. Theyyam can also be described as a form of worship consisting of rituals, colourful costumes and divine dance through which the gods are appeased and honoured. There are about 400 types of Theyyams performed in over 1000 temples of Kannur and Kasaragod districts of Kerala State. Theyyam season is from Oct last and ends by May next year. During this time you can witness number of festivals happening in different places of Kannur & Kasaragod. Photographing Theyyam photos are famous among the photographers worldwide. Muthappan Theyyam can be seen thought out the year in Parassinikkadavu Muthappan Temple and in Cheruvathur Kannadipara Muthappan Madapura. Neeliyar Bhagavathy Theyyam also can be seen on some days at Mangattuparamba Neeliyar Kottam during the off season. Anyone can go and experience theyyam, there is no restrictions on entering inside the Theyyam temple on the basis on caste or religion. If you are looking  for Kannur Tour Packages, including Theyyam festival visit will be good.

Kannur Tour Packages

Kannur Tour Packages

There are lots of beaches in Kannur, it would be worth visiting at least one beach during your visit. Payyambalam Beach is located near to Kannur city and it is easily accessible from Kannur town area. Dharmadam and Muzhappilangad drive in Beaches are  near from Thalassery Town. Thottada, Ezhara and Kizhunna beaches are around 10km away from Kannur city. There are lots of homestays and resorts available near to these beaches. Other famous beaches in Kannur are Chal Beach in Azhikode, Chootad Beach in Puthiyangadi, Ettikulam Beach near Ezhimala and Kavvayi Beach. Pease contact us for customized Kannur Tour Packages.

Payyambalam Beach

This beach is the longest drive in beach in Asia and is situated between Kannur (12km) and Thalassery town (7km). A drive through the 4.5-km stretch of this beach will change your impression about this beach.  Self drive at your own vehicle is allowed at this beach by paying entry fee. The beach also offers paragliding, parasailing and microlight flights along with water sports, power boating and catamaran rides etc.

Muzhappilangad drive in beach

Muzhappilangad drive in beach

Paithalmala  is one of the good trekking spot in Kannur. It is a hill station in Kannur, located near Pottenplave village, at a height of 1372 m above sea level, this is the highest geographic peak in Kannur. It is located at 65 km from Kannur. Nestled in the Kerala Karnataka border near to Kodagu forests, it lies in the Western Ghats. It has become a favorite spot for the nature enthusiasts, photographers, trekkers and leisurely visitors. The best part of Paithalmala trek is the walk from the observatory tower to the thick forest where trail from Kappimala ends. The best time for a trek is from January to March though the sun might be harsh. There are lots of homestays and resorts available at Paithalmala and Palakkayam Thattu – another hill station nearby. Pease contact us for customized Kannur Tour Packages.

Paithalmala Hillstation

Paithalmala Hillstation

Parassinikkadavu Sree Muthappan Temple, where Muthappan Theyyam worshipped, is a famous pilgrim destination of Kannur. There is no deity in this temple where as Muthappan theyyam is performed daily as ritual. Here at this temple you can interact with Muthappan Theyyam and He responds with convincing solutions to your grievances. Muthappan & Thiruvappana Theyyams will be performed in the early morning and Muthappan Theyyam will be in the evening time. Free lunch and dinner will be served on all days. There are lots of hotels, resorts and homestays near to this temple. Water bus services are available at river in front of  Parassinikkadavu Muthappan Temple. Snake Park is situated near to this temple. Vismaya Theme Park also very close to this Temple.

Parassinikkadavu Sree Muthappan Temple

Parassinikkadavu Sree Muthappan Temple

Houseboat cruises are available at Valapatnam River (10km from Kannur), Ezhome-Kuppam River (20km from Kannur) and Kavvayi Backwaters (40km from Kannur). Standard rate is Rs 12,000 for 8 people for a  day or night trip of  6 to 7 hours cruise which include food and snacks.  Water bus services are available at river in front of  Parassinikkadavu Muthappan Temple. You can either join with a group to take a water drive in water hus or you can hire the entire bus for certain amount.  Boating services and Kayaking  available mainly at Kavvay Backwaters. Rafting is available at Cherupuzha river.

Houseboat cruise

Houseboat cruise

The major temples of Kannur districts are 1) Peralassery Temple (15km) dedicated to Lord Subramanya. The temple is famous for its unique stepwell (temple pond). 2) Mridangasyleshwari Temple (50km). It is one among the 108 Durga temples of ancient Kerala 3) Parassinikkadavu Sree Muthappan Temple 4) Trichambaram Temple (25km) dedicated to Lord Krishna 5) Rajarajeshwara Temple, Taliparamba (25km) dedicated to Lord Shiva.  6) Cherukunnu Sree Annapoorneswary Temple (18km). 7) Madayi Thiruvarkkat Bhagavathy Kavu (23km) 8) Madayi Sree Vadukunda Shiva Temple (24km) 9) Payyanur Sree Subramanyaswami Temple (38km) dedicated to Lord Subramanya. Pilgrim to above temples can be completed one day-time. Distance given in bracket is from Kannur. Pease contact us for customized Kannur Tour Packages.

Cherukunnu Annapoorneswari Temple

Cherukunnu Annapoorneswari Temple

One day Kannur City / market tour can be planned with by visiting 1) St Angelo Fort in Kannur, 2) Arakkal Museum dedicated to Arakkal Royal family,  3) Mappila Bay Harbour 4) Kerala Folklore Academy at Chirakkal – where you can see lots theyyam replicas and miniatures. 5) Handloom weaving centre 6) Spice Market Walk & Shopping.  7) Payyambalam Beach at evening time.

Kannur City Tour

Kannur City Tour

Other than the activities mentioned above, below are the  other major things you can include in your Kannur tour itinerary.

a) Kalaripayattu Martial Art Familiarisation

Kannur is the main centre of age old Kalaripayattu martial art performance. A visit to nearby Kalari Training centre and experiencing various Kalari steps are interesting.

b) Kannur Handloom Weaving Unit visit

A visit to nearest Handloom weaving centre can help you learn difference stages of traditional clothe making.

c) Kunhimangalam Brass Metal Making Unit

You can visit this place to learn the process of making bell metal sculpture, mainly idols, lamp, vessels etc

d) Gundert Bungalow Thalassery

if you are interested in historical things you should visit here. Dr Herman Gundart is known for the first person who made English Malayalam dictionary and the library is named after him.

e) Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the highlands on the slopes of the Western Ghats near Thalassery in Kannur. Aralam is the northern most wildlife sanctuary of Kerala.

f) Kottiyoor Temple Visit (Seasonal)

Kottiyoor Temple is a prominent Shiva Temple in Kannur. The temple is situated in a densely forested area amidst a sacred grove that covers about 80 acres. The main festival of this temple – Vaisakha Maholsavam attracts lots of devotees from all over Kerala and neighbouring areas of adjoining states. 28 Days  festival starts in the second week of May month and ends by the first week of June every year. Millions of devotees visit this temple during this time.

g) Kunnathoor Padi Muthappan Temple (seasonal)

Kunnathoor Padi is the famous pilgrim centre of Kannur district.

h) Parassinikkadavu Snake Park

Regarded as one of the finest snake sanctuaries of Asia, the Parassinikadavu Snake Park is the pride of Kannur. It is home to over 150 different species of reptiles like crocodiles, monitor lizards and snakes

i) Madayipara

Madayipara is an extremely beautiful laterite plateau which narrates unique tales of vibrant hues in each season.

j) Ezhimala Hanuman Statue

The Anjaneya Statue or the statue of lord Hanuman in Ezhimala hills is the tallest Hanuman statue Kerala.

k) Chemballikund  Vayalapra Floating Park

The V-Pra Kaayal Floating Park is a recently constructed park on top of the Chemballikundu River. Water boat services and children games areas are  there at this Floating Park.

l) Vismaya Water Theme Park

Vismaya Water Theme Park is a water themed park situated near to Parassinikkadavu Sree Muthappan Temple.

m) Kavvayi Islands

Kavvayi is a group of small and large islands, near Payyannur in the Kannur.  Kayaking and other water boat services available at this places. Tent Camping available at Kavvayi Islands. Also there are lots of good Homestays are there in this area.

n) Ayurverda massage and treatment

Kannur is famous for Ayurveda and yoga based treatment. There are lots of Ayurveda Clinics available at Kannur treatment and learning.


10 best things Kannur

10 best things Kannur


homestays in Kannur

homestays in Kannur

If you are looking for Kannur tour packages, our team can help you to get customized tour packages as per your requirements. As a  Domestic Management Company (DMC) based in North Kerala, we can assist  to plan and excute the best travel packages for you.

Standard Packages 

1 Day  Tour   – Rs 2,500 per pax (minimum 2 pax)

1 Night 2 Days Tour – Rs 6,000 per pax including stay (minimum 2 pax)

2 Night 2 Days Group Tour – Rs 3,200 per pax including stay  (minimum 10-12 pax)

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