Arattupuzha Sree Sastha Temple Pooram

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Arattupuzha Sree Sastha Temple Pooram

₹ 16000 per person

Arattupuzha Sree Sastha Temple Pooram: The oldest pooram (temple festival) in all of Kerala, the Arattupuzha Pooram is held at the Sree Sastha Temple in Thrissur for a period of seven days each year. Believers say that at this ‘conclave’, all Gods and Goddesses gather during the time period of the Pooram. As many as 23 deities from different temples in Thrissur are brought here and worshipped which makes for a stunning visual in itself.

Known as the ‘Mother of all Poorams’, its festivities are among the finest seen in Kerala as they represent such a wide variety of traditions from around the State. Mighty elephants with their mahouts can be seen walking through the streets while the beats of the chenda (drum) and Kuzhal (wind instrument) dictate the pace of the crowd. Wave upon wave of people stream around the place with an assortment of folk art performances taking place simultaneously. The panthal set up during the festival are ornately decorated and make for a riveting sight.

There is a huge crowd of people bearing glowing traditional torches, some also dance and sing and Panchavadyam, nadaswaram, pacharimelam and pandimelam add to the festive tempo. Lord Ayyappa is given holy bath (arattu) with great pomp and gaiety in the Arattupuzha river on the subsequent day. The caparisoned elephants bear muthukkudas (silken umbrella) and venchamarams (white tufts) make a delightful sight.

Traditional art forms are displayed here. The dazzling fire works bedazzle the onlookers with the beauty of sparks which are like jewels embellished in the darkness of night. This sight is amazing! Grama Bali is performed. An elephant race is also held.

This colourful festival attracts spectators from all parts of the state. The ceremonial processions of the images of the deities from 23 neighbouring temples to the Arattupuzha temple make it a unique festival.

The final ceremony which involves the immersion of the statues in the river is an extremely solemn occasion in which one can sense the magnitude of the event that has just concluded.

Arattupuzha Sree Sastha Temple Pooram 2024

ആറാട്ട്പുഴ ശ്രീ ശാസ്താ ക്ഷേത്രം പൂരം 2024

Mar 23, 2024 (Malayalam Month : Meenam 10, 1199)

Tour Packages :

Arattupuzha Pooram Visit –  Arrival on 22nd March morning and Departure on 24th afternoon. Guided Tour with food, accomodation and vehicle services. please contact 001 9495074848

Group size  8-10

Nearest Airport Cochin International Airport / Kozhikode International Airport

Image Courtesy : Socia Media


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