Ayurveda Massage Kannur

Price ₹ 2500 1-15 Days
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Ayurveda Massage Kannur

₹ 2500 per person

Ayurveda Treatment for Wellness & Relaxation

Ayurveda Massage Kannur : We provide special ayurveda package for wellness & relaxation for those people suffering from stress, frustration, tension, joint pain etc. This Special Package will reduce the physical suffering to a great extent, control several dreaded disabilities, ward of the middle aged syndrome, retard the aging process and provide unlimited curative powers for body and mind by repairing the worn out tissues by revitalizing the body, increasing memory power, improving vigor, and vitality and make oneself physically & mentally fit. The treatment includes; Herbal Steam Bath – Hot medicated natural oil body massage with steam, Siro Abhayangam – Special head oil massage, Ksheera Dhara – Herbal bath, Sarvanga Takradhara – Continuous flow of medicated butter milk to body., Sarvanga Taila Dhara – A steady stream of warm herbal oil all over the body, Sirovasti – Holding medicated oil on head with support of cap for a prescribed period. Patrapotala Swedam -Massage with cloth bags containing herbal leaf dipped in hot oil. Shashitika Pinda Swedam –  Massage with cloth bags containing medicated rice dipped in hot milk& herbal mix.

Ayurveda Massage Kannur

In association with selected Ayurveda massage centers in Kannur, we provide the best of Ayurveda massage/treatment which includes

  1.  1-2 hours  Ayurveda massage from authentic centers.
  2. Comprehensive Ayurveda treatment/massage packages as per your requirement or doctors advice.

Please contact us for customized tour packages for North Kerala districts including this this tour item according to your budget. 

An initiative guided by Bekal Resorts Development Corp., Govt of Kerala

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1-15 Days
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